READI Project
READI Actuarial Science Applied Research Fund 2017
Proposals Accepted
2017-06-07 to 2017-10-21
Proposals will be accepted from 00:00 on the start date till 23:59 Western Indonesian Time (WIB) on the application deadline.
Total Award

The purpose of the READI Actuarial Science Applied Research Fund is to support development of the actuarial profession in Indonesia and encourage public understanding of the profession through targeted research and publications as well as to fill in gaps in knowledge in key areas such as longevity, mortality, gender- and diversity-related considerations and various risks associated with climate change.

Adjudication and awarding of research funding may also be followed by support for: presentation of research findings at workshops; assistance with publication preparation and broad dissemination of results in multiple formats and media to enhance accessibility. 

The READI encourages Indonesian researchers/actuaries/practitioners interested in undertaking joint (or collaborative) research with an interested University of Waterloo faculty member to liaise with the READI project to investigate opportunities for such collaboration.

READI expects to undertake an annual call for proposals, as well as undertake specific calls for topical or priority issues.

You may read the full details by downloading the document below